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Bíró Nándor
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My rules:

- DO NOT steal my works! If you want to use them on other sites at least link it back to me and DON'T DARE to declare it as your own work!
- I take ONLY vector requests/commissions if they are open!
- Be gentle with critiques and comments. I'm not a pro artist and you won't help me if you can only comment me: lame, bad, weak, crap etc. so at least tell me what are the errors in my work or else I'll never improve. Help each other out!
- Those who can't moderate themselves will be blocked immediately!
- Even if I don't reply on your comments that's not mean that I didn't even read it
- I'm not always reply when you give me a badge (or watch, +fav etc.) BUT that's not mean that I'm ungreatful! Just think that you have my thanks in mind. It's also goes on the comments!

Request/commission rules:

- I'm not always follow an order. Usually I do the easier at first and then the harder ones.
- If I do a commission only send the points/cash when the job done! That'll be fair and square.
- Patience! Sometimes I got a lot of commissions/requests and though I have a lotta free time that not means that I'm do nothing all the day but drawing. Please understand this!
(For commissions ask me about the prices. We can have a deal if you want ;))


Skype: dokumasamunya

NOTE: it may happen that one of my OCs is looks like yours (or have the same name) but trust me it's just an accident. If you don't like OC-canon shipping, please just ignore and don't leave any hurting comments. Thanks for understanding!

I set up a price for my age charts. I had one at the first place, but I found it too expensive, so I changed the prices.

Earth pony - 33$
Pegasi and unicorns - 38$
Alicorns: 42$

These prices are for the "4 steps" age charts. +7$ for every new steps.
+5$ if your OC wears some accessories (just simple ones like a ring is free!)
If you want a backround that'll be +10$ (if it's a detailed one)
A simple BG like this one down here is free:
Commission: Cloud Zapper age chart by NortherntheStar

Here are some age charts that I did:
Commission: Windy Flora age chart by NortherntheStar

Commission: Lightarrow Nightsword by NortherntheStar

Commission: Dark Diamond age chart by NortherntheStar

Commission: Lassie jack age chart by NortherntheStar

Valiant Heart age chart by NortherntheStar



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Happy Birthday.
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Now that's one "colorful wish". Thank ya! :D
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Ya welcome ;)
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Happy Birthday!
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Thanks ^^
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